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Information retrieval course (LET): Introduction of a course

Course description

Information retrieval course (LET)

Code: 405517Y
ECTS credits: 27 hours of work
Language of instruction: English
Timing: The course is held during period I. It is recommended to complete the course together with 405517Y Communication and orientation studies –course.
Learning outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the students can search scientific information for their thesis, know how to evaluate search results and information sources, understand the principles of scientific publishing and can use the reference management tool.
Contents: Scientific information retrieval and the search terms, the most important databases and publication channels of the discipline, tools for evaluating the quality of scientific information and RefWorks reference management tool.
Learning activities and teaching methods: Lectures 10 h, self-study 17 h
Target group: Students in Master’s Degree Programme in Learning, Education and Technology
Recommended optional programme components: The course is part of 405517Y Communication and orientation studies –course. They should be completed simultaneously.
Web learning material:
Assessment methods and criteria: Passing the course requires participation in the lectures and successful completion of the course assignments.
Grading: pass/fail
Person responsible: Information specialists in the library


Passing the course requires participation in the lectures: 5 x 2 lectures.

In case of absence it is possible to take part in the corresponding lecture with this course:

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  • Lectures during the weeks 39-41