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Managing research data

Introduction to DMP


DMPTuuli is a tool for writing data management plans (DMP). It is free, web based and easy-to-use user interface customized for Finnish research organizations from British DMPOnline.

Writing a DMP helps a researcher to become aware of questions related to the collection, owning, sharing and saving of research data from the very start of the research project.

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Some of the things to be taken into account in a DMP

DMP should be started at the very beginning of the research project and it should be write according to funder's requirements. Correspondence of data sets  with the  requirements of data archive chosen is an important issue. For funders a short DMP is usually enough and DMP can be completed later. 

If maintained as living documents DMPs  can also record the evolution a research project undergoes after funding has been awarded.


Data to be archived?

Ownership of data set(s)?

Opening data - to whom?

Restrictions on opening research data? 


  • Start point is that research data should be opened at the same time with the publication (if that is possible)
  • Research group decides the schedule


  • Short term archiving or long term archiving
  • What data? Archive to be used? Opening? Curation? Safe information exchange between research group and research partners?


  • Who pays?  Estimate of costs?

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