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Database quick guides: Wiley

Wiley Online Library

Wiley Online Library



Finding variations of a word

Truncation and wildcards


Asterisk (*) can be anywhere in a word.

Question mark (?) can be used in the middle of a word to replace one letter.


Basic form of a word also finds plural, past tense, gerund, comparative, and superlative forms.


wom?n finds women, woman.




clear finds forms clears, cleared, clearing, clearer, clearest


Exact phrases are put in quotation marks (plural form is also found).

Hyphens are not use in phrase search.


”diabetes mellitus


For example, evidence based (not evidence-based)


Boolean operators
AND, OR, NOT are in use in both basic and advanced search. In basic search the operators are written into the search field in capital letters, and in advanced search they are chosen from a drop-down menu.



Tips in Wiley Online Library



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