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Books24x7 IT Pro contains hundreds of e-books on information technology.

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Finding variations of a word


At the end of a word:

replaces zero or any number of characters

comput* finds computer, computation, computing

The singular form of a word finds also the plural form.

system finds system or systems



Phrase in quotation marks

"system center"

No truncation inside phrases

"system cent*" no results





Advanced Search

(from drop-menu – Using: Boolean)


Unavailable in basic search.


Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT





3d AND programming

3d OR programming

3d NOT programming

Tips for search




Punctuation marks between letters or numbers do not affect the search result.

OS-X finds OS X


C/C++ is the same as C C++

The search results can be filtered by file type, page count and the year of copyright by choosing Filter Options.


You can conduct a new search limited to your search results in Search Within field.


You can specify a search area (e.g. code commands of books on computer science in) by choosing  Code Listing from the drop-down menu next to the search box.