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Database quick guides: Dawsonera



Finding variations of a word


*   replaces 0…n characters

comput* finds computer, computing


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Use quotes around search words

- also truncating is allowed

"mass hysteria"

"comput* genom*"

Choose "This exact phrase" from the drop down menu


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Boolean operators (capital letters) AND, OR, NOT 

Search order: connects with AND before OR. 

Use parentheses to show preferred order.

(dog OR cat) AND (house OR kennel)

dog kennel retrieves dog OR kennel


-Choose the best option for connecting the words from the drop down menu.

-There is also a box for But do not search for -words

Tips for search

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Advanced search



Focus the search using from the drop down menu:

  • All (Title, Author and Keyword)
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher


There is a full text search option in Search by -drop down menu

Using the database

Ebooks guide: Dawsonera

Use, download, service terms

Dawsonera Help Page

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