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Database quick guides: Oxford Medical Handbooks

Oxford Medical Handbooks




Finding variations of a word


* replaces zero or any number of characters


? replaces a single character

c*t finds cat, caught, commencement, conflict, consent, cot, cut


c?t finds cat, cot, cut

The singular form of a word finds also the plural form



symptom finds symptoms



assess finds assess, assessing, assesses



Phrase in quotation marks.

"pulmonary disease"

No truncation inside phrases



Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT, NEAR

fever AND tremor

Order of precedence rules

Use parentheses to override operator precedence


Tips for search



Quick Search is limited to the names, authors and abstracts of documents


Advanced Search can search e.g. in the full texts of documents (drop-down menu)


Punctuation marks between letters or numbers do not affect the search result.

IL-4 can be searched il-4 or "il 4"


mRNA is searched mrna

mRNA is not searched m-rna or "m rna"

Names including characters outside the English alphabet must be searched with the asterisk (*)                    

Stefan Grundström is searched Grundstr*