Master's thesis copyright

In accordance with the Copyright Act a master's thesis is a literary or artistic work whose copyright is owned by its author. This means that the copyright owner has the exclusive right to control a work by reproducing it and by making it available to the public (1 §, 2 §).


When copies of a work are made or when the work is made available to the public in whole or in part, the name of the author shall be stated in a manner required by proper usage. A work may not be altered in a manner which is prejudicial to the author's literary or artistic reputation, or to his individuality; nor may it be made available to the public in such a form or context as to prejudice the author in the manner stated (3 §).

Master's thesis copyright FAQ

If I submit my thesis electronically, will I still hold copyright to it or is it transferred to the university?

When an author submits a thesis electronically its copyright is not transferred to the university; the author remains the copyright holder.