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Managing research data


DMPTuuli is a tool for writing data management plans (DMP). It is free, web based and easy-to-use user interface customized for Finnish research organizations from British DMPOnline by Digital Curation Center, DCC (UK) and US DMPTool.

Writing a DMP helps a researcher to become aware of questions related to the collection, owning, sharing and saving of research data from the very start of the research project.

- Please look the short video on the DMPTuuli home page
- Log in using your  HAKA user ID and password
- Add your  ORCID identifier in your personal details in DMPTuuli

Creating and evaluation a data management plan and/or software management plan

 A research data management plan (DMP) defines how the data will be created and documented, who owns data and who will access it, where it will be stored and  who will back it up and whether (and how) it will be shared & preserved.

Writing a DMP should be started at the very beginning of a research project and it is a vital step in a research project helping to ensure that RD are accurate, complete, reliable, and secure both during and after research. If maintained as living documents DMPs can also record the evolution a research project undergoes after funding has been awarded.

Instruction for evaluation of DMPsTuuli working group. (2021, April 30) Finnish DMP evaluation guidance. Zenodo.


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DMP examples

Note! Public and published DMPs are not necessarily evaluated (quality, completeness or adherence to funder guidelines). It is not recommended to use copy-paste technique for writing DMPs.