Research Data Guide

Managing research data

Databases and services

    • Includes "data sets" as one type of research output
    • As of 28.5.2020 has mentions of 31378 datasets (out of followed 35979 datasets)
  • Clarivate Analytics's Data Citation Index
  • Mendeley
    • Mendeley Data Monitor contains citations and use statistics of data
    • UOulu has subscription to Data Monitor until September 2022


  • The Finnish Research Information Hub service portal (Tutkimustietovaranto)  is open now ! Information Hub links researchers and organizations with all research outputs: publications, research data, research infrastructures, funding decisions and other activities

  • Crossref makes research outputs easy to find, cite, link, assess and reuse.
  • DataCite's mission is to be the world's leading provider of persistent identifiers for research. Through the portfolio of services, Datacite provides the means to create, find, cite, connect, and use research.
  • Read about Crossref vs Datacite
  • How do DataCite and Crossfef support research data sharing? Presentation by Britta Dreyer June 27, 2018
  • OpenAire
  • Scholix,  Scholarly Link Exchange: An initiative is to establish a high level interoperability framework for exchanging information about the links between scholarly literature and data.  Scholix aims to enable an open information ecosystem to understand systematically what data underpins literature and what literature references data.

Tips for raising impact of RD

Make data FAIR

  • Deposit (meta)data in a trustworthy repository
  • Provide appropriate metadata
  • Obtain a permanent identifier
  • Enable open access: "As open as possible, as closed as necessary"
  • Licence the data

Cite to datasetsRemember in-text-citations and references in bibliography! Read more e.g.

Connect with ORCID

  • Keep your ORCID account updated and published
  • Add information about your datasets in your ORCID account

Publish a data article

Publish a nanopublication

Get attention - views, mentions, downloads -  in social media

       Add information about your datasets 

      Always use permanent identifier and permanent link when referring to your research data. Remember to add published (meta)data sets in your CV.

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