Evaluation based on scientific publishing: Other information sources for journal evaluation

Other information sources for journal evaluation

Scholarly Open Access (http://scholarlyoa.com/)service maintains lists of questionable, scholarly open-access journals and publishers.

Sciencewatch http://sciencewatch.com/inter/jou/

The ScienceWatch webpages, from Thomson Reuters, in its Journal Interviews section, discuss about journals that publish current and interesting articles, and present journals that have established their status, along with promising new journals; the section presents interviews, essays and ranking lists. The site includes ranking lists generated from discipline related citing data. The pages include over 13000 journals, and referencing data from them can be accessed from the Thomson Reuters' Essential Science Indicators database. Material published before February 2008 is on the "in-cites" web site at : http://in-cites.com/ where it has been permanently archived.

A Journal interview from ScienceWatch.com.
Image source: ScienceWatch (Thomson Reuters) <http://sciencewatch.com/inter/jou/> 2.4.2011.

Publishers webpages

Journal publishers' websites often include evaluation information. For example, the IEEE page has information on the IF ratings of the journals it publishes http://www.ieee.org/publications_standards/publications/journmag/journalcitations.html.