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Ebooks: Accessibility of e-books

General information about the accessibility of e-books

Accessibility of e-books is essential for print-disabled persons, but accessibility features are beneficial for everyone. 

E-books that are readable in the browser can also be listened to with a text-to-speech web reader. 

Screen readers are software programs that allow blind or visually impaired users to use their computer. To be able to listen to an e-book, you need also an accessible e-book. Adobe Digital Editions usually works well with screen readers. 

More information on the accessibility of e-books

Adobe ID ja Adobe Digital Editions

1. Creating an Adobe account (Adobe ID)

You should create your Adobe account using your personal email address, which is still in use after your university career. You can of course change your email address for the account if needed, and you can also set up a secondary email for the account.

2. Installing Adobe Digital Editions

Software that allows you to read and manage e-books and other digital publications. 

3. Using Adobe Digital Editions

Reader view enables you to read and browse e-books as well as search for specific content. 

You can change the font size and use full screen. 

Printing and copying rights can be found at: File / Item Info or right mouse button / Item Info.

Book files can be found at My Digital Editions -directory on your pc. Bookmarks and other notes made in the e-book will disappear after the loan period is over, but you can transfer them to a new loan from the file saved to your computer. 

The e-book can also be retured in Adobe Digital Editions. 

Accessibility | Adobe Digital Editions

Adjusting the display
Adobe Digital Editions allows you to change the font size of the e-book and use full screen.

Using aids
Adobe Digital Editions usually works well with screen readers, which makes the books accessible and listenable. 

Accessibility | Alma Talent

Alma Talent online book shelf (Verkkokirjahylly) works on the browser and is accessible.

The books can also be used with a screen reader and the icons in the service have alternative texts. The books also have page numbers. Tables and images may not have alternative texts. 

Accessibility | Ellibs

Ellibs offers e-books as PDFs and EPUBs. EPUB-books can be read in the browser, but this option is not accessible or easily used with aids.