Choosing a publication channel

Open and responsible research at the University of Oulu - open access publishing

The principles of open access publishing of the University of Oulu describe the general principles and prerequisites for the publishing activity of the university personnel and publications of the university based on the Recommendations to research organizations from the National Coordination Group for Open Science (in Finnish).

  1. The research outputs are published following good scientific practice.
  2. The University requires, in the disciplines where it is possible, researchers to choose channels that allow either CC-BY licensing for their publications or immediate self-archiving of the accepted manuscript version of the article under a CC-BY license.
  3. The University requires that the publications of researchers are self-archived into the University’s open access repository Jultika, according to the terms of the publisher. The prerequisite also applies to open access articles.
  4. Theses and dissertations as well as other publications published by the University are published open access in electronic form and they are licensed under a CC-BY license when possible.

Article in a scientific journal

Publishing research results in the form of an article in a scientific publication is an established practice in most disciplines.

Traditionally subscribers, e.g. research organisations, have paid submission fees to the publishers and received reading permissions to the articles published in a given journal. However, a common goal is to guarantee free and unrestricted access to all publicly funded science to all. Hence in new funding models the costs of publishing are shifted away from readers elsewhere and articles of the journals are freely accessible. In this so-called open access publishing model it is usually the funding agency of the research project or the organisation to which the resarcher is affiliated who pays the publication costs.

New innovative publishing platforms and peer-to-peer networks used by researchers on the internet together with the demands of open science are further transforming the traditional model of scientific publishing.

Open access publishing and self-archiving -guide

An up-dated list of the publishers offering free open access articles or discount on article processing charge can be found from Open access publishing and self-archiving -guide.

Open access publishing and research funding in Finland

From 2021, the funding model of the Ministry of Culture and Education rewards open access publishing with a coefficient of 1.2 for open access publications. A publication is considered open access if it is published open access in an open access or hybrid journal or made open access by self-archiving.

Major research funders in Finland (e.g. European CommissionAcademy of Finland, Business Finland) require or recommend open access publishing in the projects they fund.

The Academy of Finland follows the Plan S principles of immediate open access to research publications in projects funded from Academy calls opened after 1 January 2021.