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Geography subject guide: Books/Reports

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Geography shelf classes

P 316 Sociology, general

P 5 Natural sciences. History and philosophy of the natural sciences

P 502/504 Environmental science. Environmental questions. Sustainable development

P 55 Geosciences. Geology. Regional geology. Applied geology and geophysics

P 551.5 Meteorology. Climatology

P 556 Hydrosphere. Hydrology. Water resources. Limnology

P 56 Paleontology

P 57 Biological sciences, general

P 58 Botany

P 581.9E Geographic botany. Europe

P 581.9M Geographic botany. Rest of the world

P 59 Zoology. Geographic zoology

P 624 Civil engineering. Mechanics of structures. Ice and snow. Offshore. Water resources engineering

P 630 Forestry. Agriculture. Horticulture. Soil science. Plant protection

P 636 Animal husbandry. Fur animals. Hunting. Fishing. Fish breeding

P 662 Fuels. Compustion. Explosives

P 9:004 Geoinformatics

P 91(036) Travel guides

P 910 General geography

P 910.4 Expeditions. Travel accounts

P 911.2 Physical geography

P 911.3 Human geography. Cultural geography. Social geography

P 911.3:32 Geopolitics

P 911.3:33 Economic geography

P 911.4 Travel. Tourism

P 911.9 Planning geography

P 913 Regional geography

P 914 Europe. European Union

P 914.80 Finland

P 915 Asia

P 916 Africa

P 917/918 America

P 919 Other countries

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