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Database quick guides: Skillsoft Books ITPro

Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu

Skillsoft Books ITPro

Database guide: Skillsoft Books ITPro

Searches full texts of books.

Finding variations of a word The wildcard character (*) is not necessary or supported.

Word stemming automatically reduces words to the basic form.

-> computers, computing

-> plan, plans, planner, planning

Phrase search

Using quotes for “exact phrase matches” is not necessary.

The search engine automatically looks for multiple word phrase matches.

Phrase matches will have higher relevance than single word matches.

cloud computing
Boolean operators

Explicit operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR) are not necessary or supported.

Search strings with multiple words are treated as automatically “OR” connected.

Assets matching all entered words will have higher relevance than those matching only some words.

3d programming

On the Search Results page, click Add Filters:
- subject
- content type e.g. audio books
- copyright year.



Ebooks: Skillsoft Books ITPro

You can browse the selection by clicking Browse the Library.

You can read ebooks in the browser even with mobile device. 

Unlimited simultaneous user access is available for all of the titles.