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Ebooks: Dawsonera

Information: Dawsonera

E-books: Dawsonera

Dawsonera contains hundreds of e-books. Most of the textbooks that are available in electronic from can be accessed through Dawsonera.

To view only the titles the University of Oulu has full access to, click option ebook Catalogue and then Owned by my library

The number of simultaneous users is not limited, but in general each book has a yearly limit of 100--400 sessions or checkouts.

Printing and copying is limited to five percent of the book.

You can download Dawsonera e-books as PDF files to your own device or USB flash drive for 1-3 days. The downloaded books cannot be printed out.

  • When you open a book in Dawsonera, you are first taken to the Terms and Conditions page. Click Accept to continue.
  • Look up and select an e-book
  • Click the Download eBook button
  • Select length of loan and click Download
  • Save the book to your computer or USB flash drive

Use with iPad requires that Adobe Reader and/or Bluefire Reader is installed, Dawsonera help pages

Dowloading books to Android devices

Database guides: Dawsonera


Finding variations of a word


*   replaces 0…n characters

comput* finds computer, computing


Quick search



Advanced search


Use quotes around search words

- also truncating is allowed

"mass hysteria"

"comput* genom*"

Choose "This exact phrase" from the drop down menu


Quick search




Advanced search

Boolean operators (capital letters) AND, OR, NOT 

Search order: connects with AND before OR. 

Use parentheses to show preferred order.

(dog OR cat) AND (house OR kennel)

dog kennel retrieves dog OR kennel


-Choose the best option for connecting the words from the drop down menu.

-There is also a box for But do not search for -words

Tips for search

Quick search




Advanced search

Focus the search using from the drop down menu:

  • All (Title, Author and Keyword)
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher


There is a full text search option in Search by -drop down menu