Jultika repository

Jultika - the open access repository of the University of Oulu - contains the bibliographic information of all the theses that have been submitted to Laturi as well as the full text of all the theses that the author has permitted to be made available to the public. The full texts of all theses are accessible on the dedicated e-thesis workstations in the libraries.


Searching for theses

You can search for theses for example by author's name or title. You can also search for theses by supervisor´s or reviewer´s name.

To browse theses, click "Find" at the Jultika start page. After that, you can narrow your search for example by faculty or subject. Under "Fulltext available" you can select whether you want to browse only publicly available theses.

E-thesis workstations

There`s an e-thesis workstation in the Pegasus Library 3rd floor and Medical Library. The workstation provides access to all master's and diploma theses that have been approved at the University of Oulu since the switch to electronic publishing of theses.

The use of the material and the workstation are regulated by the Copyright Act (404/1961):

  • content can be read
  • digital copying of the content is not possible
  • the files cannot be saved on storage media
  • the files cannot be sent by email.

FAQ - Jultika

How soon are approved theses published in Jultika?

Approved theses are submitted weekly to the library's cataloguing department, where the correctness of their bibliographic information is checked. This means that in general approved theses will be in Jultika in approx. one week.

Changing publicity of your thesis

I would like to make change the publicity of my thesis after all. Is it possible to do this afterwards?

Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is visit the library and fill in a form to allow/deny your thesis to be publicly available. Remember to bring a picture ID with you.