Instructions for the approver

Theses to be approved must be retrieved only from the Laturi system. Theses submitted in any other way should not be accepted.

The approver shall not submit any information to Laturi. Information about approval shall be submitted to Oodi by the Faculty study affairs.

Go to Log in using your university account. You are now on the "Summary" page, which displays a list of theses submitted for your approval.

To open a thesis, click its title.

You are now on the "View Thesis" page, which is divided into three sections. The upper section displays information retrieved automatically from Oodi system, the university’s student information system, such as thesis title and the names of the reviewers and the approver. The second section displays the information submitted by the student, such as the abstract(s) and the actual thesis in the PDF/A format. The final section shows the thesis approval date retrieved automatically from Oodi system.

To download the thesis click the "File" link in the second section. To open the Urkund report click the "report_reporturl" link in the third section.

Now you can log out of Laturi via the link at the top right of the page.

Contact information and guidance

Laturi helpdesk:

Urkund helpdesk: