Converting a thesis into PDF/A format

PDF/A is a file format which is used for long term preservation and archiving. Its extension is pdf. There are multiple PDF formats with the .pdf extension, but not all of them are PDF/A files. PDF/A files conform to the ISO 19005-1:2005 standard. 


Use Muuntaja for conversion and follow the instructions given by Muuntaja. Inspect the PDF/A document and check that all text and image elements are shown correctly. Pay also attention to hyphenation.

​​​Instructions for LaTeX ja Acrobat Distiller:


  1. Make a normal PDF with LaTeX. Make sure that all fonts are embedded in the PDF file
  2. Convert the file to a PDF/A format by using Muuntaja service

Acrobat Distiller

  1. When file is open in InDesign select "File - Print"
  2. Select "Print"
  3. Select "PostScript File"
  4. Select "Save"
  5. Open ps-file, Adobe Distiller opens
  6. Select "Default Settings"
  7. Select "PDF/A (1b)"
  8. Distiller prints PDF/A-file to the selected index

Contact information and guidance

Laturi helpdesk:

Urkund helpdesk:

Thesis conversion FAQ

I fed my thesis through Muuntaja and I noticed that the text on one page had been rendered unreadable. How can I correct the error?

Damage to a single page can possibly be caused by the settings of an image or a table inserted into the page. You can attempt to correct this as follows:

Open the original image file in an image editing program and save it as a PNG or JPG file.

Open the original document on the page where the error is. Remove the old image and reinsert the PNG or JPG image as follows:

  • Microsoft Word: Insert > Pictures > Select image file
  • Open Office: Insert > Picture > From file > Select image file

Do not insert images by copy-pasting or drag-and-dropping them. Do not use images with a transparent background or other transparent elements.

I fed my thesis through Muuntaja and it turned some of my tables black. What can I do?

You can insert the tables into the original document as explained in the instructions above, or you can first save your text file as a regular PDF file and after that submit your thesis to Muuntaja.

I am using Mac. I fed my thesis through Muuntaja but Laturi still tells me that it's not in the required PDF/A format. What went wrong?

A document fed through Muuntaja should be saved directly (Click the file and select Save/Save as/Save File) without opening it first on your own computer. You can open the document for review, but you should not save this version.

There are many different versions of PDF/A format. Which one should I choose, so that Laturi will accept my thesis?

Laturi requires that theses conform to the PDF/A-1b format. This means that files in PDF/A-1a format are also accepted, as its requirements are even more extensive. Laturi will not accept files in any versions of the PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 formats.