Submitting a thesis to Laturi

Make sure that the version of your thesis that you submit to Laturi is the final version approved by your supervisor. After submission the content of the thesis can no longer be altered.

To begin your thesis submission, go to

Log in using your Student account.

You are now on the "View Thesis" page, which is divided into three sections. The first section displays information retrieved automatically from OODI, the university’s student information system. The middle section will display the information you are about to enter. At this stage, this section is incomplete. The final section shows whether your thesis has been approved.

Before you submit your thesis, check that the details in the first section are correct. If there are any errors, you will need to contact your Faculty Study affairs (

Click the "Add Thesis" button.

You are now on the "Submit Thesis" page.

First, copy and paste your abstract text into the upper text field. If you also have written an abstract in another language, paste this text into the lower text field.

If you are submitting a bachelor thesis and your faculty instructions does not require an abstract, just write "No abstract" text into the text field.

Check the text carefully, especially the hyphenation and line breaks. Note that any formatting such as italics or bold type will not be displayed in Laturi.

Now you can attach the PDF/A file. Click Browse, select the file and click Open. Note that you can add only one file to Laturi.

Next, carefully familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions in the yellow box.

If you wish that your thesis and its abstract will also be publicly available for browsing, printing and saving on the internet, your approved work will be published as a full text in the Jultika - the open access repository of the University of Oulu, where it is open to everyone. Your thesis will get a permanent URN (Uniform Resource Name) that can be easily shared and easily referenced (eg in a CV). According to the University of Oulu’s declaration on responsible research theses and dissertations as well as other publications published by the University are published open access in electronic form and they are licensed under a CC-BY license when possible.

If you do not wish that your thesis is made publicly available on the internet, only your thesis metadata (including author, title, approval date, subject and unit / faculty data) will be stored in the Jultika without the full text of your thesis. The full text is accessible on the dedicated e-thesis workstations in the libraries.

Next, indicate whether you wish your thesis to be included in Urkund plagiarism control system. Click the link to open the Urkund contract in a new browser tab. Read through the contract, then close the tab and click the button next to your chosen option. Lastly, check the box to indicate that you have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

Click the "Submit" button".

You are now at the final step of the submission process, on the "Confirm thesis" page.

Check that all of the information you have entered is correct. If you wish to make any changes, click the Edit button to return to the previous page.

When everything is correct, click "Confirm". Please note that your thesis will now be submitted and you can no longer make changes to it.

After clicking "Confirm" you will be taken back to the "View thesis" page.

You can now log out of Laturi via the link at the top right of the page.

Your thesis will now be checked for PDF/A compliance. If there is an issue with the PDF/A format, you will receive an email with further instructions explaining how to create a PDF/A version and correct common errors.

Your thesis is then checked for plagiarism by the Urkund system (if you’ve agreed to this) and checked by your reviewers and approver.

Contact information and guidance

Laturi helpdesk:

Urkund helpdesk:

Laturi FAQ

What if the thesis has two authors (ie. joint thesis)?

Students submitting a joint thesis should pay attention to the following:

  • each student submits the thesis to Laturi independently
  • both submitted theses must be identical, i.e. the same file
  • both submitted abstracts must be identical
  • the questions regarding the public availability of the thesis and its inclusion in the Urkund plagiarism control system must be answered identically by each student
  • both students must write “Joint thesis with XXXXXXXX” in the “Additional Information” field, where XXXXXXXX is the name of the other student.

The reviewers and approvers will receive the thesis twice.

The Urkund analysis of the second submission will show 100% similarity, so the reviewer can deactivate the duplicate document and examine the other highlights instead.

In all other respects the thesis submission process follows the instructions provided above.

I can`t find my thesis basic data from Laturi, what should I do?

Please wait. From Oodi the information is transferred to Laturi once every two hours.

What if my abstract is in the Saami language?

Laturi supports the Unicode character set.

Information from Oodi is incomplete, to whom I should contact?

Take contact to the your Faculty Study Affairs. The study affairs secretary can complete information to Oodi, and after two hours information is updated to Laturi.

After submission I detected error in the thesis. What should I do?

Discuss with your supervisor whether the error so serious that it has to be corrected. With your supervisor's consent, you may request from the Laturi helpdesk the possibility to resubmit your thesis.

Please note that resubmitting the thesis to Laturi will restart the process from the beginning, meaning that all reviewers and the approver must download the new version of the thesis from Laturi before it can be officially approved.

Do not send the corrected version to the reviewers and approver for example by email. Theses can be submitted for review and approval only through Laturi.

Thesis publicly available after all

I would like to make my thesis publicly available after all. Is it possible to do this afterwards?

Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is visit the library and fill in a form to allow your thesis to be publicly available. Remember to bring a picture ID with you.