Instructions to study affairs secretaries

The study affairs secretaries of the faculties are responsible for entering the basic data and approval markings of theses into Oodi. The information is transferred to Laturi once every two hours Mon-Fri between 8-18, and at other times overnight.

The information on the entry date and Urkund analysis of a thesis are transferred from Laturi to Oodi.

The entry date can be found in Oodi on the ”Opinnäyte” tab, in the field “Tark läh. pvm”. The entry date is recorded in Oodi as the completion date. Please note that the approval date can never be earlier than the completion date (i.e. the entry date in Laturi).

If two sets of basic data for the same student are entered into Oodi, the latter of which is meant to replace an incorrect one, both will be transferred to Laturi. Mark the incorrect entry as an error and notify the Laturi helpdesk, so that they can remove the duplicate entry from Laturi.

Ohje opinnäytteiden kirjaamisesta Oodiin (pro gradu -tutkielmat ja diplomityöt, only in Finnish)

Ohje opinnäytteiden kirjaamisesta Oodiin (kandidaatintyöt, only in Finnish)

Contact information and guidance

Laturi helpdesk:

Urkund helpdesk:

FAQ – How to enter thesis data

The basic data of a thesis have been entered into Oodi, but the student reports that she cannot feed her thesis into Laturi.

There’s probably an error in the data entry. One common error is that the thesis is not attached to a degree / right to study.

A student reports that the name of a supervisor/reviewer cannot be found in Laturi, although it has been correctly entered into Oodi.

The person in question probably no longer has a university ID, even though her data are still in Oodi. In Laturi “eppn”, i.e. the personal ID (university ID is compulsory information. Change the person’s status to non-faculty supervisor/reviewer.

The thesis has been approved ages ago but it cannot be found in the open access repository Jultika. What’s wrong?

It is likely that the approval marking has not been entered into Oodi as per the new instructions that came into effect in the autumn of 2014. Please check that the thesis entry includes both the completion and approval date.