Research Data Guide

Managing research data

Research data policy at the University of Oulu

UNIFI open science and data action plan for Finnish universities

UNIFI (2018) Avoin tiede ja data. Toimenpideohjelma suomalaisille tiedeyhteisölle  (open science and data action plan for Finnish universities)
  • UNIFI is a co-operational organisation for Finnish universities

Research data and open science policies at other Finnish universities

Open Science and Research Initiative: policies, quidelines, recommendations and publication archives of Finnish Universities and Research Organizations (available only in Finnish):  Tutkimusorganisaatioiden avoimuuden linjaukset ja ohjeistukset 

Open research data is part of open science

EU guidance to Open Science

The European Commission’s Expert Group on FAIR Data, chaired by Simon Hodson, CODATA Executive Director, published the interim report ‘Turning FAIR Data into Reality’ and the interim ‘FAIR Data Action Plan’ on 11 June 2018 at the Second EOSC Summit in Brussels. 
  • agenda contains the ambition to make FAIR data sharing the default for scientific research by 2020

Research data and open science policies at International universities and research institutes

Open research boosts scientific communication

Open research leads to surprising discoveries and creative insights. - See more at:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries  (MIT Libraries): a list of benefits of managing and sharing research data.