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E-books Oamk: About e-books

The Library's e-books

The Library's e-books
We purchase single e-books as well as large e-book collections, depending on available options. some of the books can be read by several users simultaneously, some only one user at a time. It is possible to reserve an e-book that is on loan.

Reading e-books
You can read our e-books on your web browser or download them to your computer or mobile device. 

Finding e-books
You can search e-books in Oula-Finna and via Resource Guides.

E-course books
We try to acquire electronic versions of the course books whenever these are available. Unfortunately the supply of electronic course books offered to organisations is very limited. The publishers also limit the access to the newest edition, often only the older editions are available electronically. In addition, the various services for e-books do not all work in the same way, and licenses that allow several users simultaneously are expensive.


E-book glossary

 Offline downloading 
The book is downloaded to your own device, after which you can read it without internet connection or browser

Open-source file format used for saving and distributing e-books

”Digital Rights Management”, technology used to control access to digital data

 Adobe ID
Free user ID that is needed to read DRM-protected books. Adobe ID is activated for the app which is used for reading protected books

 Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe e-book reader that is needed when you want to download a DRM-protected e-book to your computer