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Citizen science: Citizen Science Projects

Citizen science in Finland

Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) 

FinBIF collects and combines Finnish species information into a coherent and open collection for research, education, administration and the general public. 

Finnish Environment Institute

SYKE develops citizen science to form informed and widely supported solutions for pressing environmental problems.

Järviwiki:Help/Become a citizen scientist

Citizen science in Oulu

Research in Oulu

Talitiainen, Great tit (Parus major)Titmice can assist us in bird monitoring  Oulun University News









Photo by Lasse Nystedt on Unsplash

Citizen science courses in University of Oulu

  • 708202P Erikoistumisopinnot: Online citizen science - Kansalaistiede verkossa 

  • 683777J-3011 Online Citizen Science: Ethics and Minorities Involvement