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Information Studies & Linguistics and communication & Saami language and culture: Saami Databases

Lapponica / Finland

BibSys / Norway

Saami Bibliographies

Saami or Sami or Sámi bibliographies cover the literature published in Finland, Sweden or Norway on the Sami and their culture or is written by Sami and in the Sami language. Sami bibliographies are reference databases comprising material such as books, articles, recordings, videos, and so on. They are freely accessible via the Internet. Sami bibliographies don't include full texts but they include links to free internet material.

Finnish Sami bibliography is in Lapponica database, and it contains reference information on the Sámi collection of the Regional Library of Lapland and the Inari Municipal Library. Subject headings are mostly in Finnish.

Swedish Sami bibliography and Nordic yoik archive (Nordiskt jojkarkiv) are subdatabases of the Libris database. Subject headings are mostly in Swedish. If you want to reuse your hit list or save one or more records, you can choose between exporting references to RefWorks, making a print-out or RSS feed, emailing, or obtaining a permanent link to your results.

In the Norwegian Sami bibliography subject headings are mostly in Norwegian. You can export references to RefWorks or email them.

Saami Collection in Pegasus Library

Other Saami Materials

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