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E-books Oamk: Read e-books on mobile devices

How to get started when downloading e-book to your mobile device

When you download eBooks from Ebook Central, Ellibs for the first time to your mobile device, you first have to:

1) Download an app that supports Adobe DRM from iTunes or Google Play (Apple: Bluefire Reader, Android: Aldiko/Bluefire Reader)

2) Create an Adobe ID, if you haven't already got one

3) Activate your Adobe ID in the reader's settings (see pictures below)

You are now ready to download a book from the e-book collection you've chosen!

More instructions, see eBook Databases: Find and Compare

Download problems?

My Adobe ID is not accepted.

There can be many reasons for this. Try to sign in to your Adobe account in the browser. You can also try changing the password.  NB!Adobe will not allow you to have more than one Adobe ID. If you forget your user ID, do not create a new ID with the same personal data. This could cause your ID to be blocked.

Your Adobe ID can be activated with a maximum of 6 apps/devices. If you reach the limit, you will have to deactivate your ID from some of the apps (app settings->deactivate)

With iPad, use Safari for downloading books. Other browsers may cause trouble when downloading the book file.

How to download an Ellibs book to an iPhone/iPad (the same goes for an Android device)

You can read Ellibs e-books with the Ellibs app, which can be downloaded for free from an application store (App Store or Google Play). A separate reader app is not needed. 

Instructions can be found on Ellibs website.

Alternatively, you can download the book and read via a separate e-book app. Instructions:

1) Select a book

2) Read Online or Download

3) Log in

4 ) Download the link to the book

5) Open the downloaded link

6) Read the book

E-book apps

E-book glossary

 Offline downloading 
The book is downloaded to your own device, after which you can read it without internet connection or browser

Open-source file format used for saving and distributing e-books

”Digital Rights Management”, technology used to control access to digital data

 Adobe ID
Free user ID that is needed to read DRM-protected books. Adobe ID is activated for the app which is used for reading protected books

 Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe e-book reader that is needed when you want to download a DRM-protected e-book to your computer