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Zotero reference manager: Start using Zotero

What is Zotero?


Zotero is a free reference management software. It allows you to collect references in one place and add references and a bibliography to your text. Zotero can be used both via the user interface installed on your own computer and via the web.

Zotero consist of:

  • Connector for Firefox and Chrome browsers. 
  • Zotero Standalone desktop program
  • Word and LibreOffice integration plugin


Save references to your Zotero account library (My Library)

There are many ways to save references.

  • Saves references and documents from databases and web pages using the browser's Zotero Connector utility.
  • Save references from databases as .ris, .xml, or .bib files
  • If you know an ISBN, DOI, PubMed ID, or arXiv ID, you can use it to add a reference directly
  • Import references from other reference management programs e.g. RIS or .bib files
  • In cases where you find yourself with a local PDF or other file on your computer — for example, if you received a file via email — you can drag it to Zotero, either onto an existing item to create a child attachment or between items to create a standalone attachment.
  • Manually enter reference information

Zotero citation and bibliography features


  • Add/Edit Citation: you can select the sources you want from your own Zotero library, make a text reference and edit it if necessary.
  • Add Note: Add notes
  • Add/Edit Bibliography: Add and edit bibliography
  • Document Preferences: choosing a citation style
  • Refresh: updates the references and bibliography to match the metadata in your Zotero library.
  • Unlink Citations: Remove Zotero field codes. N.B. this change irreversible, the connection with Zotero is broken and ordinary text remains.

Locate full text

You can add the LibKey address of the University of Oulu from the settings (Preferences – Advanced)

Start using Zotero

Install the desktop app

  • During installation, close MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and even Outlook. The Zotero add-on installs automatically, e.g. in Word, as long as the program is closed during installation.
  • Download the desktop app from page
    • Download the app from Download > Zotero 6.0 for Windows. The app is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
    • Zotero works with Word, LibreOffice and GoogleDocs.
    • Zotero does not work in O365 version (Online).
  • University staff can start using Zotero on their work computer from the Software Center.

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Zotero add-ins: Zotero Connector and Word or LibreOffice/OpenOffice add-in

If the add-ins were not installed automatically with the desktop application, you can install them through the Zotero desktop application at:

  • Tools > Install Browse Connector > Install browser add-on
  • Tools > Add-ons /Tools > Add-ons


Making an account on Zotero

  • Create an account at
  • The account copies your reference data to Zotero's servers, allowing you to sync the data across multiple devices. It also allows you to share references with other users.
  • The account is associated with the desktop app from the Edit > Preferences > Sync. You can also create an account here.




YouTube Video (1:21) How to install Zotero (made by Georgia State University)


  • No registration is required if you only use Zotero on one machine. If you want to use the program on more than one computer, sync your Zotero library between several computers, make a backup copy of your reference library, or want to share folders with a colleague, you need to create an account with Zotero. You can create an account at:
  • There are no storage limits in the desktop version of Zotero. You can store unlimited data in your Zotero account, but the limit for attachments (e.g.pdf) in the free version is 300 MB, additional space is chargeable.