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Ebooks: Ellibs

Information: Ellibs

Ellibs contains hundreds of books both in English and Finnish

The search engine lists the books accessible from the user's organization first and then those in Ellibs. The search is directed to every book held in Ellibs. The system notifies if a book listed in search results is not accessible from your organization.

By clicking the Library Collection key on the left side of the page you'll see all the books that University of Oulu has in use. You can browse books by author or year.

Ebooks: Ellibs


You need a separate account to use Ellibs, and login with the account you created to get access to the e-book collection.


Read in your browser

1. Log in to the Ellibs collection.
2. Choose a loan time.
3. Tap the "Read online" button, and begin reading.

Download to your computer

1. Get an Adobe account.
2. Install the Adobe Digital Editions reader program.
3. Activate the reader program using your Adobe ID account information.
4. Log in to the Ellibs collection.
5. Choose a loan time.
6. Tap the "Download" button and open the file in the reader program.

Download to your tablet or smartphone

Database quick guide: Ellibs

Finding variations of a word Wildcard characters are not in use. Automatic truncation.

> moderni, modern, modernism

Phrases Phrase in quotation marks. "early childhood"
Operators not in use AND is the default and only operation. And it's performed without the operator. finland politics


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