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Help in information searching

Things to know

Information retrieval is always a process during which you re-edit and re-search for the best results. Try different search terms and search methods.

Information retrieval

It is important that you know how to find scientific information and how to evaluate it.

Information skills training

Pegasus Library offers classroom teaching and online teaching.

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Welcome to the education subject guide!

This guide describes how and where to find high-quality, reliable and timely information on education.

The guide has two alternative ways to approach education resources. You can choose

- Finnish databases | International databases
- Books | Journals | Theses | Music.

On the interleaf Scientific writing, you find useful tools for writing scientific texts, as well as information about electronic publishing of theses in the University of Oulu.

On the interleaf Research, you find information about publishing the research results, about research visibility and about evaluation based on academic publishing.


You will find the library’s information resources in the Oula-Finna library catalogue and through the subject guides

Using e-resources and off-campus access

Electronic resources are available in Oulu University network or via off-campus access. Outside the Oulu University network you must log in with your University of Oulu user ID in order to access the e-resources (staff and students of the University of Oulu | Haka Login).

Terms and conditions for use of e-resources, FAQ

NB: Some databases are freely accessible online.

Other useful guides

Depending on your degree programme and your research topic, other than education resources may be useful, too.

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