Research visibility: Researcher profiles

Get visibility for your articles in citation databases with a researcher profile

It is important for researchers that their articles are easy to find in citation databases and thus gain visibility in the research community. However, due to variations in spelling and spelling mistakes in authors’ names in the databases, identification of researchers and finding their publications can be difficult. By creating a researcher profile they are assigned a personal researcher identifier under which they can gather all their publications. Researcher profiles facilitate the finding of both articles and citations received and enhance the researchers’ visibility in the research community.

Of the databases Web of Knowledge utilizes the ResearcherID identifier. In the ResearcherID profile the researchers maintain a list of their publications and information about all past and present institution affiliations. It is possible to create a researcher profile in Google Scholar as well. In Scopus a researcher profile is automatically created for all authors, and they can request that for example possible mistakes in their profile are corrected. All these services rely heavily on the researchers’ own initiative.

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