Research Data Guide

Managing research data

Guidelines for data citations

Research data should be cited for the same reasons as citing  to journal articles and other types of publications require citations. Purpose of citing data is to acknowledge the original producer of the data and to help other researchers find the datasets otherwise enable reuse and verification of data, and allow the impact of data to be tracked.

Remember in-text-citations and references in bibliography!

General formats for data citation. Examples:

  • Creator (Publication Year): Title. Publisher. Permanent identifier.
  • Creator (Publication Year): Title. Version. Publisher.  Resource Type. Identifier.
  • with permanent identifier: Irino, T; Tada, R (2009): Chemical and mineral compositions of sediments from ODP Site 127‐797. Geological Institute, University of Tokyo

Guidelines about persistent identifiers and citing

Virtuous cycle

Pierce, H.; Dev, A.; Statham,E.; Bierer, B. (2019) Credit data generators for data reuse. Nature 4 June 2019,

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Finnis Information Hub - Tutkimustietovaranto

The Finnish Research Information Hub service portal (Tutkimustietovaranto)  is open now!

Information Hub links researchers and organizations with all research outputs:

ORCID Researcher ID  will play a major role in connecting all research outputs with researcher.  Updating ORCID account and linking it to the information systems of UOulu is an important action for a researcher to do.