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Learn the basics of information searches
with the help of this self-study material


Information searches are a part of everyday life. The skills to find essential information and to know how to use it are one knowledge area required from those graduating from a university of applied sciences.

Searching for information is mainly a combination of problem solving and a kind of detective work. You need to approach the subject from different angles, try different search terms, and refine the search according to the search results. Information searching skills can be developed only by conducting searches and by learning from your mistakes.

The purpose of the material is to introduce the basics of information searches in general. A list of all electronic resources for Oulu UAS students can be found on these web pages. For more information on how to use e-resources, ask the library staff or see the instructions of the individual e-resources.

A student with good information skills can identify, find, evaluate, apply and acknowledge

... information.

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Information skills ...

... include the knowledge of how to

  • acquire
  • manage
  • produce information.

These skills make the foundation for lifelong learning

Search skills are an essential part of information skills.

The meaning of information skills is increasingly important in the contemporary world because of rapid changes in technology and the vast amount of information.

The core of information skills

... consists of

  1. recognizing the need for information
  2. managing information sources
  3. acquiring and using information