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Information technology: Front page

Welcome to the resource guide to Information technology

This resource guide gives you access to electronic and printed materials provided by Oulu University Library.

Libraries in Oulu are open to everyone. Oulainen learning centre is open only for Oulu UAS students and staff.

A Library card is needed always when borrowing items. 

The library card allows you to borrow material from any of the library units of Oulu University library. The loans can be returned to any of the library units, regardless of which library unit they have been borrowed from.

  • General collection: 3 weeks
  • Course books: 2 weeks
  • Journals: 3 weeks (the latest issue will not be lent out)
  • CDs: loan period varies
  • Sheet music: 4 weeks
  • DVDs: 1 week
    - available only for staff and students of Oulu UAS
  • Reference books: overnight and weekend loans

Loans can be renewed 20 times if there are no requests for them. However, video recordings are an exception and possibility to renew loans varies.

Renew your loans in the Oula-Finna.

You can also renew loans when visiting library, by telephone or by email. When renewing loans by phone or by e-mail, identity must be proved with the library card barcode number.

Requests for the materials in the Library can be made via Oula-Finna, at the library service desks, by e-mail or by phone. Items available at any library unit can be requested to other library units free of charge.

When making requests by phone or by email, the library card barcode number or studentcard barcode number must be provided with the request.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) students and staff members can get a library card by downloading Tuudo application from GooglePlay or App Store. Sign in with your Oamk account and you will find library from Tuudo menu. The card will be in your mobile phone. More information on Tuudo application for Oulu University Applied Sciences students and staff.

The customer commits to the rules of the library. The library card is personal, and the customer is responsible for the material borrowed with the card. If the material is damaged or not returned in time, the library will collect charges according to the charges for overdue and unreturned or damaged items.

The customer should inform the library of any change in the contact information in person, by e-mail, phone or by filling in a form. The primary contact information for students of Oulu UAS is the e-mail address given to all students.​

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