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Celia accessible books: Celia

Sign Up for Celia’s services

If you have a print-disability and need accessible media, you can contact Oulu University Library to register for Celia’s services. Most books provided by Celia are in Finnish, but books in English are also available. 

How to register

Registering as a Celia customer and using Celia services starts with an introductory interview and user info in the library. Providing Proof of Disability documentation is not necessary.

  • You can register without an appointment during library opening hours. Please visit the customer service desk at your library for more information. 
  • You can also book an appointment in advance. An appointment is recommended especially if you want to register via a remote connection. Please contact the library in advance by e-mail:

How to acquire audiobooks as a Celia customer

  1. Check, if the book is available via Celianet.
  2. Check, if the book is available in your library as an e-book that can be used with assistive technology e. g. a screen reader. Ask the library staff to help you, if necessary.
  3. If the book is not available via Celianet or as an accessible e-book, check if it's available via Celia's partner libraries. Ask the library staff to help you, if necessary.
  4. If the book isn't available elsewhere, you can request Celia to produce it as an audiobook. The library staff can help you with the request. If the book is a course textbook, the requester must be a full time student. 

Difficulties in reading

Celia is a national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland. Celia produces and distributes literature in accessible formats. The services are free of charge to library customers.

Celia talking books are available to those who have difficulties in reading ordinary books due to, for example, dyslexia, learning disability, illness or injury. Poor language skills are not a reason for Celia customership.

How to listen to Celia books

You can listen to Celia books with a computer or a mobile device. Books can be downloaded, or they can be streamed in Celianet or Pratsam Reader mobile app.

Guide for a new Celia customer

Celia has provided this pdf file to help you get started with the service.

Accessibility in the library

Oulu University Library aims to provide accessible services and premises. Kindly let us know if you have encountered problems with accessibility in the library. 

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