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Celia accessible books: Bookshare


Bookshare e-book library offers the world’s largest collection of e-books for people with reading barriers. To register as a Bookshare member, you will need to provide a Proof of Disability form signed by a qualified expert. The Bookshare membership fee can be paid by Celia.

  1. Visit the Bookshare website.
  2. Sign up as a Bookshare member.
  3. Print a Proof of Disability form, and request a signature from e. g. campus study counsellor or study psychologist.
  4. Send the signed form to Bookshare, or request your study counsellor, study psychologist or the library to send the form to the email address provided on the form.
  5. Bookshare will e-mail you when your account has been activated. Celia will pay the membership fee. Contact Celia's customer service, and let them know your Bookshare account has been activated. Celia will contact Bookshare to let them know that your membership bill can be sent to Celia. 

How to listen to Bookshare books

Bookshare books can be read directly from an Internet browser or on devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones with a compatible app.

Bookshare Web Reader is compatible with Google Chrome and Safari browswers. Compatible apps for mobile devices include e. g. Dolphin Easy Reader.