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Biochemistry and molecular medicine: Journals

Finding journals and articles

How to check for full-text availability?


1. Check the full-text links

Click the full-text links and icons that are available in the database. In order to access full-text versions, make sure you have signed into the database through the links found on the library's website. Read more about remote access 


2. Check with Google Scholar

Copy the name of the article you are looking for from the reference database. Sign in to Google Scholar through the library's website. Paste the name of the article into the search field. You might need to add quotation marks around it in order to find the exact phrase. E.g. "Nurse leaders as managers of ethically sustainable caring cultures". Google Scholar locates material from databases licenced to Oulu University as well as open archives or repositories.


3. Check with Oula-Finna 

Sign in to Oula-Finna. Paste the name of the article into the search field and click "International e-materials search". You might need to add quotation marks around it in order to find the exact phrase. Oula Finna locates materials from databases licenced to Oulu University as well as open archives or repositories. If you don't find the article's full-text version, you may find the printed journal through the basic search (Books, journals etc.). You can either borrow the journal or scan the article at the library. 


4. Check the National Repository Library collections

Students and staff of Oulu university can request article copies free of charge from the National Repository Library, which is situated in Kuopio. Check the availability of the journal you need in the National Repository Library. Attach the exact reference information of the article in your request.&Select pickup library. Collect the printed article from the library of your choosing. Oulu University staff can request printed articles to be delivered to their office in the campus. 


5. Check with Oula Finna (Oamk) at the university campus 

You can also check Oulu University of Applied Sciences Oula-Finna user interface if they have access to the material you are seeking. Students of university cannot use the materials remotely, but they can access them at Health and Social Care Library and Pegasus Library.


6. Check the possibility for interlibrary loans

If the material cannot be found in the nearby libraries, it might be available as an interlibrary loan from other libraries in Finland. 

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