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Database quick guides: PubMed

Quick references of the most central databases in the University of Oulu



Finding variations of a word


*   replaces 0…n characters at the end of a word or a phrase

prognos* finds prognosis, prognostic


Words or phrases are matched  against a MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) translation table, a Journals translation table, the Full Author translation table, Author index, the Full Investigator (Collaborator) translation table and an Investigator (Collaborator) index.

Truncation will turn automatic term mapping off.

child rearing will search:

"child rearing"[MeSH Terms] OR ("child"[All Fields] AND "rearing"[All Fields]) OR "child rearing"[All Fields]

Phrase search

Phrase in double quotes

If the phrase is not found, the phrase is processed using automatic term mapping

Truncating at the end of a phrase

 "heart attack"


type 1 diabet* will find type 1 diabetes,  type 1 diabetic


Boolean operators


AND operator is applied between concepts

Combining search results in Advanced Search


drug therapy OR diet therapy

vitamin c common cold is translated as vitamin c AND common cold.


#3 AND #4

Use parentheses  to nest the consepts which should be searched first

Without parentheses searches in a left-to-right sequence   

 diabetes mellitus AND (drug therapy OR diet therapy)


diabetes mellitus AND drug therapy OR diet therapy will search (diabetes mellitus AND drug therapy) OR diet therapy


Using PubMed

PubMed Help