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Teacher's guide: Educational use

Library services for teaching staff


By linking instead of copying you usually avoid violating copyrights. 

The URL in browser is not always accurate link. Instead you should use permalink, URN or DOI. DOI link is formed like so:[DOI identifier].

Off campus functioning links
You can make off campus functioning links with the library’s proxy server address

If you copy links in off campus access the proxy server address is already in the URL.

Top tip: Virtual shelf

You can collect a list of articles, books, and databases in Oula-Finna.

  1. Save references to favourites and to the list of your choice.
  2. Make your list public.
  3. Share the link with your students e.g. in web page or via email.


Oulu university library has diverse collections to support and stimulate learning and offer topics and data for theses.

Book an introduction or ask for more information:

Educational use

How to utilize other's material

  • by linking
  • by licence agreement with publishers or brokers
    • Most of the databases are subscribed with FinELib consortium.
    • Publishers may impose their own conditions of use applicable to their journals and books. Such conditions of use shall be associated with such content.
    • Kopiosto permissions are not applicable to this licenced content.
  • with the permission of the copyright holder
    • Permissions are asked from the author or the publisher using e.g. Copyright Clearance Center.
  • by Kopiosto licence:

Copyright links