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Teacher's guide: Information skills training

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Information skills training

Information skills are part of academic study skills needed in professional arena too. Information retrieval courses are mandatory in most degree programmes.

The library participates in the timetabling work of the university and discusses the organization of the courses with teachers. You can ask information specialist to introduce a course in your seminar meeting.

Our courses in Finnish.
By request courses in English, too: informationservice(at)

Upon completion of the course, the students:

  • can search scientific information,
  • can use the most important databases of their discipline,
  • know how to evaluate search results and information sources,
  • can use the reference management tool.

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Library ABC training

At the start of the academic year, the Oulu University Library runs inductions to the library using for new students. This small group teaching is the first stage of information skills training and it is included in the curricula.

The objective of the teaching is that student:

  • knows the most central services of the library
  • can utilise the library as a studying place
  • know how to look for and locate books and journals.

Information skills courses

The library organizes information skills courses included in the degree programmes and at request also other information skills training sessions for groups. 

Request for an information skills training session for your students 

More information:

informationservice (at)

920003J Responsible research: publications, data, metrics and merits 920003J, 2 ECTS cr 

Library offers this course as a part of University of Oulu Graduate School, UniOGS, course offerings. Course topics:

  • Finding scientific information and the most important databases
  • Reference management
  • Evaluation of publications based on quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Visibility of researchers and research
  • Choosing publication channel
  • Responsible science, open access publishing, and managing of research data

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