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Teacher's guide: Open materials

Library services for teaching staff

Open materials as education resources

You may gather education resources from open access journals, books, videos etc.

Open education resources are searchable from e.g. web portals, with Google Advanced search or with Creative Commons Search.

Open access publications

Open education policy at the University of Oulu

  1. We encourage teachers to publish educational resources and organize open online teaching. We use strategic actions to support teaching that aims for full openness.
  2. It is the responsibility of the openers of the teaching to ensure that they have the necessary rights to publish the resources (e.g. copyright, IPR).
  3. We advise to publish educational resources using a Creative Commons attribution licence - CC BY. If necessary, a non-commercial use or share-alike element can be added. The recommended format for a licence is: © [Author Name], University of Oulu 2020 CC BY.
  4. We require that all those who have made a significant contribution to the educational resources, including students, must be properly acknowledged.
  5. We recommend that video based educational resources should be published in the University’s Vimeo channel.

See also

Library of Open Educational Resources

Library of Open Educational Resources

"In the Library of Open Educational Resources (OER), you can search for, find, compile and save your own open educational resources from all levels of education. Gradually introduced from 2019 to 2020, the service and its OER are available for use by teachers, learners and everyone else in the country. Visit to find out more about the development of the service and keep up to date with its progress."

University of Oulu Study Materials

The series University of Oulu Study Materials publishes the print version of the book, the online version or both of them.

Opening your own study material

Opening your own study material is e.g. video of your lecture in YouTube or Vimeo or sharing slides in SlideShare.