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E-resources at your disposal

Use reliable information, don't settle for Google and Wikipedia. An extensive collection of electronic resources from different fields has been made available to students at the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk).

Students at the University of Oulu cannot use Oamk's e-resources and vice versa, subscriptions to e-resources are separate. However, there are open access terminals in the library for browsing the e-materials of Oamk and the University of Oulu. 

E-resources can be accessed via Oula-Finna and Library guides website.

In the Library guides, the information sources are grouped by university, by topic or field of study to make it as easy as possible to find and use them.



On campus networks

On campuses, you can use e-resources from any computer connected to the University network | the Oamk network, by logging in using your institutional student username and password (Haka Login). On your own computer, you can log into your institution's network or use the Eduroam wireless network.


Using VPN connection

When studying at home or elsewhere outside campuses, you can also make a VPN or remote desktop connection to the University network | the Oamk network to access e-resources, as if you were on your institutions's network.

See instructions: VPN Connect and remote desktop (University of Oulu) tai Global Protect -VPN connection (Oamk students).


Off-campus access

Electronic resources can be accessed off campus by logging in to the Oula-Finna portal or Library guides website using your institutional student username and password (Haka Login).

See more detailed instructions for off-campus access >>

Available on campus network

  Electronic resources marked with a red lock are available on campus network. For off-campus access you need to log in using your institutional student username and password (Haka Login).

  • Click on the database/resource link,
  • write your institutional student username and password,
  • login.

Freely accessible

  The green open lock indicates open access resources. No logging in is needed.

A collective username and password

   Some resources (marked with a blue key icon) require a collective username and password. Only students and staff at the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) can request for them by sending an email to kirjasto(at)oulu.fi.

No off-campus access

  Some resources are not available for remote access. 

Library guides



What can I do with e-resources?

The terms and conditions related to the individual resources determine the use of e-resources, what you are / are not allowed to do. These include issues such as printing and linking.

Read more about terms and conditions >>

Guides for studying information skills

In the Library guides you find self-study material:

Self-study material for information searches  (Oamk)

Finding scientific information (University of Oulu)

For more information about using databases, you can use Database quick guides or contact us in the library.

AI in information searching

Generative AI applications, such as ChatGPT, are not suitable for searching for scientific information. There are several applications where AI is utilized specifically for scientific article search. As with any tool, there are also ethical and evaluative issues to consider for their appropriate use.

See AI tools in information searching -guide for more information.


Theses published openly are available in OuluREPO (University of Oulu) and in Theseus (Oamk). 

E-theses workstations

E-thesis workstations in the Pegasus Library and Medical Library provide access to all theses (University of Oulu) since the switch to electronic publishing of theses in 2013.