Welcome to the library

Borrowing in a nutshell

To get started, get a library card.

You can use the library facilities without a library card, but the card allows you to borrow, renew your loans and make loan requests.

You must present your library card when checking out material from the library.

The same card is valid in every library unit. You can request material from one unit to another. You can also return your loans to any library unit.

See more information:  Borrowing instructions >> and Borrowing rules >>

How to get a library card?

Tuudon kirjastokortti

You don't need to visit the library to get the Tuudo library card and you can use it immediately! In Tuudo you can also renew your loans and follow up with your placed requests.

This is how you activate the library card in Tuudo:

  • See 'Library' in the Tuudo menu bar.
  • Choose Add card -> I don't have a library card
  • Your contact information is retrieved from Peppi student information system.
  • Answer the questions. The card is ready.

If you wish, or if you have trouble activating a library card in Tuudo, you can also get a plastic library card from the library service desks by showing your ID. The library card is free of charge.

Upon accepting the card customers agree to comply with the borrowing rules and rules of the library. The card is personal, and the card holder is responsible for all items borrowed with it. Any lost or damaged items are subject to charges found in the borrowing rules. 

Renew or return your loans in time - avoid late fees

Overdue loans will incur a late fee that is accumulated on a daily basis. The borrower can compensate for a lost or damaged item by purchasing a new copy for the library or by paying the price of the item (minimum 60 €). 

See Library service price list and instructions for online payment University students / online payment Oamk students

  • Late fee for course textbooks 1€/day (maximum 10€/ loan)
  • Late fee for reference books 1 €/hour after the due time (maximum 10€/ loan)
  • Maximum fee 50 € / return

Suspension of borrowing rights (you cannot borrow, renew or make hold requests), when...

  • overdue fees are over 20€
  • loans are late more than 14 days

Transporting books between libraries free of charge! 

Books and other material travel daily between Oulu University Libraries via our book transport service. Transport services to and from Oulainen operate twice a week. This means you can reserve material from any library and collect it from your own campus library. Returning loans works the same way. Reserving items is very easy with the Oula-Finna online catalog. 

Useful slang about the book transport service:

  • Reservation: to reserve or place a request on a book available in a different library unit to be collected in another
  • Hold: The book has been borrowed by someone and you can request it to be held for you
  • Partner library: the National Repository Library is our partner library. Requesting in Oula-Finna and delivering items works the same way as with reservations. 
  • Returning: The loans can be returned to any of the library units, regardless of which library unit they have been borrowed from.

Loan periods

In Oula-Finna you can see exact details of loan periods 

  • Field-specific collection: 28 days
  • Course textbooks: 14 days
  • Journals: 14 days
  • CDs: varies in different libraries
  • Sheet music: 28 days
  • DVDs: 14 days
  • Reference books: loans for overnight and over the weekend

Renewal of loans and placing a request

Loans can be renewed if there are no pending requests for the publications and the customer’s borrowing rights are not suspended. Loans can be renewed online in Oula-Finna and in Tuudo, at the library service desks or via phone or email. If you wish to renew your loans via phone of email, please provide us your library card number. It is the responsibility of the customer to renew his/her loans in time. 

You can place requests in Oula-Finna. You can only place requests for items that are checked out at the time. Requested items ready for pickup will be held for you in the library until the date given in the hold availability notice. Customers will receive an email notification when an item they have requested is available for pickup in the library. 

Keep your contact information up-to-date, please

You can update your changed contact information by logging in to Oula-Finna. Personal details can be found from the Profile -section. 

Due date reminders and other notifications are sent by email. Make sure that the library emails are not ending up in your spam folder!

Email notifications from the library:

Arrival notice 

  • You will receive an email notification when the request has been processed and the item is ready for you to collect. You will see the pick up -location and the pick-up date in the email.

Due date reminder 

  • 3 days before the due date

  • In the morning of the due date

Expired due date reminder

  • 1 day after the due date

  • 1 week after the due date

Reminder of overdue loans 

  • Loans over 2 weeks late 

  • Compensation fee for unreturned items 38 days after the due date