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Optometry: Books

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Some examples of e-books in the fields of optometry and opthalmology in Ebook Central.

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Book request from the National Repository Library

You can request books via Oula-Finna also from the National Repository Library in Kuopio. Book requests are free of charge to customers.

  • Log into your account in Oula-Finna.

  • Search for the book title.

  • Go to the National Repository Library tab.

  • Click the title to view book details. Select Make an item request in the right column, under the heading Book request from the National Repository Library.

  • Select pickup library. Click Send.

  • You will be notified by email when the book is available for pickup in the library you selected.

  • These requests will not appear on your checked out items list in Oula-Finna. The loans can only be renewed through the Interlibrary Loan Service. Book requests cannot be cancelled.

Celia talking books for print-disabled people

Celia talking books are available to those who have difficulties in reading ordinary books due to, for example, dyslexia, learning disability, illness or injury.

Read more in the library's Celia guide >>