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Geology subject guide: Theses

Things to know

Start using a reference management tool from the beginning of your information retrieval for a seminar paper or a thesis or a research topic. Your references will stay in order and it will be easy to create a bibliography.

Research Methods

Guides for Electronic theses

Electronic theses at the University of Oulu



Electronic thesis in Jultika

  • Results can be narrowed down by thesis type
  • Thesis are available to the public by the student's permission. All electronic theses can be read in the library on e-theses workstations

Printed thesis in Oula-Finna


  • Electronic published dissertations of the University of Oulu: Since the 1st of June 2000 all dissertations published in Acta Universitatis Ouluensis series are available in Jultika -database.

Theses, dissertations and publications from other universities of Finland

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