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Medicine and Health Sciences: Printed Books

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Books by subject

Books by subject in Medical Library:
BF - Psychology
H - Social sciences
HA - Statistics
K - Legislation
L-Q - Teaching. Universities. Science
LB - Research methods. Scientific writing
QA75-76 - Computer science
QS - Anatomy. Histology. Embryology
QT - Physiology. Sports medicine
QU-QY - Biochemistry. Cell biology. Laboratory medicine
QV - Pharmacology. Toxicology. Pharmacy
QW - Microbiology. Immunology
QZ - Pathology. Genetics
W - Medicine as profession
W13-15 - Medical dictionaries. Terminology
W18-20 - Medical education and research
W50-61 - Medical ethics and philosophy
W84-599 - Health services
W601-925 - Forensic medicine
WA1-399 - Public health
WA400-499 - Occupational medicine
WA500-599 - Public health administration and organization
WA950 - Epidemiology. Biostatistics
WB - Practical medicine
WB105 - Emergency medicine. Intensive care
WB300-999 - Treatment methods
WC - Contagious diseases
WD - Nutrition disorders. Metabolic diseases. Allergic and immunological diseases
WE - Musculoskeletal system. Orthopedics. Rheumatic diseases
WF - Respiratory system. Thoracic surgery
WG - Cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular diseases
WH - Hematoloy
WI - Gastroenterology
WJ - Urology
WK - Endocrinology
WL - Neurology. Neurosurgery
WM - Psychiatry
WN - Radiology
WO - Surgery. Anesthesiology
WP-WQ - Gynecology. Obstetrics.
WR - Dermatology
WS - Pediatrics
WT - Geriatrics. Chronic disease
WU - Odontology. Oral surgery
WV - Otorhinolaryngology
WW - Ophthalmology
WY Nursing science
WY18 Nursing education
WY20.5 Nursing science research
WY85-87 Nursing theory. Nursing ethics and psychology
WY101-145 Special fields in nursing
WY105 Nursing administration
WY150-164 Nursing in special fields of medicine
WZ1-344 - History of medicine

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