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Covidence Guide: FAQ



1. Joining Oulu University Library licence doesn’t work. Why? 

Usually this is problem is caused by user previously using email address with Covidence free account. This problem can be solved by Covidence support – they will move your account under Oulu university Library licence.


2. Can references be imported if screening has already been started? 

References can be imported even though screening has already been started or even completed. Pay attention to keeping the search strategy the same as during previous searches. If screening has been started, the number of reviewers can no longer be changed. Also, if screening has been started, file imports can no longer be undone. 


3. How does AI work in Covidence? 

At the moment AI is used in two Covidence functions:

  1. RCT classifier. The classifier looks at all the studies you import into Covidence and automatically assigns one of two tags Possible RCT and Not RCT.
  2. There is machine learning used in relevance ranking of screening list. After you have screened 25 references, Covidence will use machine learning to analyse patterns in past screening behavior in a review, and uses them to predict the relevancy of studies that have not yet been voted on and to sort them in that order.


4. Is Covidence accessible? (e.g. usable with screen readers?)

Covidence is currently working to achieve Level A WCAG . Process will take about 24 months.