Choosing a publication channel

General issues

Who is the article targeted at?

When choosing a journal it is important to keep in mind the target readership of your article. The most accurate information on the disciplines covered by the journal can usually be found on the journal's home page in the "about the journal" section.

Open access publishing

Important funders, e.g. the Academy of Finland and the European Commission, require open access publishing. The University of Oulu also requires, in the disciplines where it is possible, researchers to choose open access channels or channels that allow immediate self-archiving of the accepted manuscript version. 
For further information including potential discounts on articele publication charges, see the Open access publishing and self-archiving guide.

Conduct a literature search

Search for literature on your topic using Scopus, Web or Science or any other suitable citation database. You can refine the search results list using the filters in the left-hand pane of the results screen. You can generally use the filters to determine in which journals the listed articles have been published, giving you a list of potentially suitable journals for your manuscript.   

Journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science are mainly peer reviewed.

Other tools

Jufo Portal is a service where you can search for journals by topic using three different topic classifications: MinEdu, WoS and Scopus. The search result can be filtered by Publication Forum level and open access status.   

Tools which suggest journals based on the title and abstract of your manuscript: