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History and culture: Journals

Things to know

E-journals offer full-text articles. If only a citation found in a database, with link you can see whether the item is available electronically and link directly to the full-text. Some articles, e.g. the newest ones in recent issues, may be only available in print.


Alternative access to articles

When the article you are looking for is not available electronically in databases nor in print in the Oulu University Library collections:

Find journals in Oula-Finna

Oula-Finna contains all Finnish and international, printed and electronic journal titles in the Oulu University Library collections but it doesn't contain information about the articles in those journals.

Find articles

For databases for finding articles, see the interleafs International databases and Finnish databases.


How to identify a high-quality journal?

Some scientific journals in history

American Historical Review 
Annals of Science
British Journal for the History of Science
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Business History
Comparative Studies in Society and History
Contemporary British History
Contemporary European History
Cultural History
Diplomatic History
Economic History 
Economic History Review
Ennen ja nyt: Historian tietosanomat 
European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health
Global Intellectual History
Hippokrates: Suomen lääketieteen historian vuosikirja
Historiallinen aikakauskirja
Historical Journal
Historische Zeitschrift
Historisk Tidskrift 
Historisk Tidskrift för Finland
History and Theory
History of European Ideas 
History of Political Thought
History of Science
Intellectual History Review
Journal of African History
Journal of Finnish Studies
Journal of Japanese Studies
Journal of Latin American Studies
Journal of Modern History
Journal of Southern African Studies
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences
Journal of the Philosophy of History
Kasvatus & Aika
Medical History
Middle Eastern Studies
Modern Intellectual History
niin & näin 
Past and Present
Rethinking History
Revue Historique
Russian Studies in History
Scandinavian Journal of History
Science in Context
Slavic Studies: Kuopion Varastokirjastossa
Social and Cultural History
Social History
Social History of Medicine
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
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