#Finding scientific information: Availability of publications

Availability of publications

Printed books

You should begin looking for books in the Oula-Finna library catalogue. The Holdings display will give you the basic information on the publication, with its location and status. Call Number link shows the location of a call number on a library map. Books that are out on loan (charged) can be put on hold for you. For items that are not on loan you can place requests.

Through Universal Borrowing all Oulu University Library customers themselves can request books from the National Repository Library, which is located in Kuopio, and from polytechnic libraries in Oulu and Kajaani. Book loans are free of charge. Through Universal Borrowing you can only request for books that are not charged. You can not request books currently on loan.

The interlibrary loan service searches and orders publications for loan and photocopies of publications that are not available at Oulu University Library.

Books can also be borrowed from public libraries and polytechnic libraries.

You can request that a book be purchased using the University Library's electronic acquisition form.


Oula-Finna Books
In Oula-Finna, the format of material could be limited to books.
Kuvan lähde: Oula-Finna <https://oula.finna.fi/> 26.7.2017


E-books that the University of Oulu has access to can be found via E-books guide or Oula-Finna. Oula-Finna E-Book link provides access to the electronic book. More information about downloading e-books you find from E-books guide.

Ellibs Books

In the Ellibs web library, books are downloaded for a limited amount of time on to your own computer.
Source: Kuvan lähde:<https://www.ellibslibrary.com/> 26.7.2017

Google Book Search is a good tool for finding books. It helps you find books (or information on them) from the web-pages of different publishers and libraries. Depending on copyright, you can sometimes find a reference for the book, table of contents, and samples of the content, in some cases even the whole text.
Source: http://books.google.fi 11.7.2013

Journal articles

Printed journals

You should begin looking for journals in the Oula-Finna. Call Number link shows the location of a journal on a library map. SFX image link provides access to the full text of articles.


E-journals that the University of Oulu has access to can be found via Subject Guides or Oula-Finna

SFX image link  and     provides access to the full text of articles.

Individual online publications and articles can also be found on the Internet.



SFX is a link server which enables interconnection of different systems. It is used for locating materials, i.e. after finding an interesting reference to an article or a book, and with SFX you can access either the full text of the article or check the status of the printed version of the book or the article in the library's own database.
Source:http://sfx.nelliportaali.fi 11.7.2013

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. When you find an interesting article through Google Scholar, you can access it, if the University of Oulu has access rights to the publication mentioned or it is other way openly available. The reference for the article can be saved directly to RefWorks. Source:http://scholar.google.fi/ 11.8.2014

Conference proceedings

Printed conference proceedings

The print versions of conference proceedings in the Oulu University Library are kept on the shelves by subject and are to be found in the Oula online catalogue.

It is also worth running a search for printed conference proceedings and articles through the interlibrary loan service.
If conference proceedings or a paper are not available either in the printed or electronic collections of Oulu University Library nor on the Internet, it can be ordered via the Interlibrary Loan service. A fee is charged for this service. The conference articles are normally delivered as photocopies.

Electronic conference proceedings

Electronic full texts of conference proceedings can be found at the University of Oulu, from the IEEE/IEE Electronic Library database (The IEEE and IEE conference proceedings are available from the year 1988 onwards) and from the ACM Digital Library database (ACM conference proceedings). In both of these databases, it is possible to both browse the conference proceedings and do searches for conference articles.
Sources: IEEE, ACM 22.7.2011

Conference articles might be available through Google Scholar and other Internet search engines using, for example, the name of the conference article.
If the University of Oulu has rights to the article you have found, it can be opened as a full- text version.
Source: http://scholar.google.fi/ 22.6.2011

In addition to single conference articles, directories of conferences for different disciplines can also be found.
Conferences organised by different academic associations can best be found from the websites of the associations themselves. The websites often also have information on conference proceedings. Access to full texts frequently requires membership of the society or a subscription.
Sources: http://www.allconferences.com/, http://www.asme.org/events/conferences, http://hfes.org/web/HFESMeetings/meetings.html, http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/index.html, http://www.siam.org/proceedings/, http://spie.org/x1848.xml?WT.svl=mddp2 (14.7.2011)

Many reference databases and full-text databases contain references to conference proceedings and articles. The databases available at the University of Oulu can be found  in Subject Guides or through Oula-Finna. Using a restrictor on the Document type can limit the search just to conference proceedings. The databases may also offer fields with conference information, or codes that can be utilized in a search.


Information on patents, patent applications and documents in their entirety are readily available free of charge on the internet. You can start looking for patent information from Subject Guides. There you can find a collection of free patent databases, patent classifications and other useful links; e.g. different countries' National Boards of Patents and Registration, and patent services on the internet.
Source: Subject guides <http://libguides.oulu.fi/patents> 26.8.2014

If you want to find a particular patent application or patent, the Espacenet database provided by the European Patent Organisation is a good place to start your search. Espacenet includes plenty of full-text patent applications, with their claims and drawings included. In addition, it includes information on the specific patent family, and you may be able to access other patent publications on the same invention in different languages. Espacenet includes predominantly patent applications. Information on patents granted and patent processing information need to be searched from several sources. Source: Espacenet <http://worldwide.espacenet.com> 11.07.2013