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Boolean operators

Boolean operators AND, OR, AND NOT can be written in lowercase or uppercase letters.

Sequentially written words is the AND operation:

wind power is the same as wind AND power

Without parentheses, the program performs operations in the following order:

sensor W/15 robot AND water OR orbit OR planet

  1. OR
  2. W/n, PRE/n
  3. AND
  4. AND NOT
  1. OR: First, Scopus processes the OR connector by looking for documents containing water, orbit, or planet.
  2. W/15: Next, it looks for documents where sensor is within 15 words of robot.
  3. AND: Scopus processes the AND operator last, returning any documents it found in steps 1 and 2 that contain water, orbit, or planet, and also contain sensor within 15 words of robot.


Parentheses can be used to specify the order of execution - the program always executes the brackets first

finland or finnish and pisa  is the same as (finland or finnish) and pisa

(wind OR solar) AND (power OR energy)  

(robot* w/2 hand) OR (robot* pre/3 arm)

Scopus example | Boolean operators

Alternative keywords are placed in the same search box and combined with the OR operator.

Topics are connected using the AND operator.

Add search field: Add search lines..

The completed search phrase can also be copied as such to the top row. Note the parentheses outside the OR sections.

(game* OR gamif* OR gaming OR videogam* OR exergam* OR edugam*) AND (language* OR linguistic* OR pronunciat* OR vocabular*) AND (learn* OR acquisit* OR educat* OR teach* OR student*)