Scopus guide

Instructions for use of the Scopus database

Truncation mark: asterisk * replaces 0... n characters

The truncation mark is usually at the end of the word:

product* > product, products, production, producting, producted, productive...

Without a truncation mark, for example the singular and plural form will be found automatically.

product > product, products | products > product, products.

The truncation mark can be at the beginning and end of a word:

*behavio* > neurobehavior, biobehavioural...
*game* > game, videogamers, gameplay, ligamentgamete...

Wildcards: question mark ? Replaces one character:

organization?ation* > organization, organizational, organizationally...
can also be applied for organisation* OR organization*

Different spellings can also be found without a wildcard:

anesthesia > anesthesia, anaesthesia
with a truncation mark should be applied for both: anesthe* OR anaesthe*

woman > woman, women.

Quotation marks are used to search for sequential words, i.e. word associations, phrases and names

Does not prevent automatic search for different spellings.

"defence organisation" > defence/defense organisation, defence/defense organizations, defence/defense organisation's, defence/defense organizations'
can also be searched for "defense organization" "rangifer tarandus tarandus" "Multiresolution gray-scale and rotation invariant texture classification with local binary patterns"

Truncating can be used:

"soci* emotion*" > socio-emotionally, social emotional


Braces are used to find an exact phrase, i.e. exactly what is inside the braces

Can't use truncation marks, eg. * will be retrieved as the character asterisk, not a truncation mark.

{out-of-hospital} > out-of-hospital { out of hospital} > out of hospital

{teacher-student} OR {student-teacher}

{minors} > minors


When searching with hyphens, you will also find unhyphenated ones

story-tell* > story-telling, story tellers
story-tell* is the same as "story tell*"

Without hyphen or quotes, the search is an AND operation:

story tell* is the same as story AND tell*

Some hyphenated words can also be written together. They must be retrieved with the OR operator:

multi-profession* OR multiprofession* 

More information

Scopus example | Keywords and truncation marks

The topic is related to the use of games in language learning. Themes, i.e. themes and keywords describing them:

game*, gamif*, gaming, videogam*, exergam*, edugam*...

language*, linguistic*, pronunciat*, vocabular*...

learn*, acquisit*, educat*, teach*, student*...